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Who is Brayden Girard and what is Engineer Play?

Who is Brayden Girard and what is Engineer Play?

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post on Engineer Play. My name is Brayden Girard and today I would like to introduce you to this blog.

Brayden Girard's Picture Brayden Girard


I'm first going to talk a bit about myself, who I am and where I came from, then I'm going to talk about what Engineer Play is. After I explain Engineer Play to you I'll talk about the format of this blog and accompanying podcast. I'll also talk about what I want for feedback and then the overall goals that I hope to achieve with Engineer Play. So first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Who Is Brayden Girard

Again my name is Brayden Girard and I was born and raised in a small town just north of the US Border in a small Canadian city called Cornwall. As a child I grew up playing hockey and I loved video games, those were my two big hobbies. When I began to look at into a professional career later on in life, I realized that technology was really fascinating to me. It was something that you could build so much with and there were so many possibilities.

Brayden Girard

Brayden's Professional Career

To start my professional career, I completed my undergrad in Computer Science. At the time I thought that I wanted to be a software developer for a Fortune 500 company and sit behind a desk all day working on large pieces of software. Let me tell you, I soon determined that was that not the career for me. After finishing my Master's in Engineering I quickly realized that I was much more interested in entrepreneurship. I spent a couple years working with software agencies in Ottawa, Ontario. At the same time I started my own agency doing software development work. I spent around 5 years working on Daydream (my software agency) until recently as I took a position teaching as a professor at a college. I still run my agency Daydream and I've recently been interested in sharing my love for tech with others!

What is Engineer Play

So what is engineer play? Engineer Play is going to be my outlet to share with you some of my technical knowledge, specifically in the smart home domain. I've been working with smart home technology for several years now and it's really become a big interest of mine. I'm hoping that I can teach beginners as well as help professionals to improve their own smart home or start the start a new one if they if they haven't started one yet.

Each of my articles on the website are going to be labeled as beginner intermediate, and advanced. This will indicate the level of understanding or the technical knowledge required to fully understand the article, complete the tutorial, or learn about new gadgets. I want engineer and this podcast to be both beginner-friendly and something interesting for professionals who may want to improve their existing setup.

While will have the written articles, tutorials, and more in-depth details, this podcast will be a quick way for you to get the latest smart home news, learn about new gadgets, and get recommendations on things that you could use to start your own smart home or improve on your existing setup. As a smart home technology is cutting edge and always changing, I'm going to be learning with you. I'll be learning with the beginners while also helping the pros work on new and interesting setups. This podcast is meant for everyone and I hope that we can all enjoy the Smart Home Technology domain together.

Before I wrap this up, I need your input as listeners. I would love some feedback on what you think about as well as this podcast, and help me to improve it. You can do that by selecting the feedback/contact button in the main menu.

Final Word

That's all I really wanted to talk about in this first post, I hope that you have a great evening, afternoon, morning, depending what time you are reading this blog post and be sure to subscribe so you can enjoy the future content of Engineer Play.